Real Estate Investment at These Times?

While the current crisis in the housing industry is holding down the average American guy, it has become a vast sea of opportunities for the real estate investor. Houses are falling into foreclosure and owners are resorting to short sales or undervalued selling just to save their credit.

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Exchange, Focus and Grow!

The barter business exchange process is a popular way to begin a profitable business for the future! If you are on the hunt for just the right business to invest in, create a franchise opportunity and have the will, you can learn the skill to barter! Why focus on small things, think big!

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Transitioning From the Job to Starting Your Business

What we’re gonna talk about today is making the transition from working a job to starting your business. It is my belief that most people have some business ideas that they believe they’d be good at. What generally happens though is you wake up almost every day, get dressed, and go to work for the entire day, so there seems to be no time to start a real business. Most of us try to plan our lives around our work schedule, and once our life gets on a track, it develops into a routine that’s hard to break. We’re going to look at some different areas of our routine where we can apply a little pressure and squeeze out the time and energy that we need and then look at some areas where we can redirect this time and energy into the focus of generating some new business. Now mind you, I said time and energy. I didn’t say money.

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