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Do you find it hard to provide regular monies every year to aid continued development of employees and to allow the company to grow with continued profits?

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How to Manage Risk in Real Estate Investments?

Then they fear the risk comes from their lack of knowledge. There is no need to feel naive or claim ignorance. The bottom line is that unless you do this every day for a living you will always feel ‘out-of-the-loop’. Funny thing is – most people know what a stock is yet they have no idea what drives stock prices up or down. Yet, because the societal ‘norm‘ is to buy mutual funds because a fund manager must understand the stocks better than you – people go out and buy mutual funds. Then, even if the funds/stocks go down, the fund manager gets paid and people invest more because they are saving for retirement. I buy mutual funds too – but this year (2008) they have lost money and I can’t do a damn thing about it. In the worst real estate/mortgage crisis of our time, I’m making money in real estate investing. I’ll hold on to my funds, but managing risk is about diversification.

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Thoughts on the Art of Investing

In Sun Tzu’s ancient book on military tactics, The Art of War, he lists the five components of a battle as: the way; the weather; the terrain; the leadership; and the discipline.

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